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Qxt will likely not work with newer Qt versions due to usage of internal api. We recommend that you pick out the parts you want instead of using the entire libqxt.


LibQxt is an extension library for Qt providing a suite of cross-platform utility classes to add functionality not readily available in the Qt toolkit by Qt Development Frameworks, Nokia.

This is the home for our source repository on bitbucket, reachable by or Our main website is hosted at You can find the documentation at

downloading libqxt

0.6.2 release:

Latest development branch:

using libqxt in your project

Please see the user guide and the list of supported platforms.

reporting issues

Please use the qxt issue tracker:


Build Status

contributing to libqxt

If you would like to contribute to libqxt, please see the libqxt developer guide.

mailing lists

There are two mailing lists:


To subscribe to either, send an arbitrary message to or

other pages


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